Slot machine locations borderlands 2

slot machine locations borderlands 2

Jackpot! (Borderlands 2) While there are slot machines in multiple locations, the challenge can only be completed by using the slot machines in Moxxi's bar in. Sephin_X_12 4 years ago# 2. nope. GT: Nobody Worthy Current Games: Battlefield 3, Dead Island, Magic , Dungeon Defenders. My first legendary ever from the slot machines. If you enjoyed the video, then be sure to leave a "Like. Most YouTube videos about playing the slots focus on what kinds of weapons you get for various symbol combinations, but like vending machines, the weapons you get from playing slots very rarely are better than what you already have, especially if you have an armory. Overall you are most likely just going to get tons of useless vendor fodder guns Vendor Fodder: I was level 10 at the time. As for odds of a payout especially a useful one ; there are many videos on youtube that suggest one or another having better or worse odds, but as someone who has played all of them for upwards of 10 hours each; the odds on any machine are about the same. With 27 backpack slots plus 3 empty slots for equipped weapons, I can win 30 weapons before having to run to the vending machine. If you rotated to the right to get right machine winnings, you can tell from the sounds if you got left machine winnings, in which case rotate to get them; otherwise, start the right machine and rotate left to start the left one. You can occasionally come across enemies with a gambling machine on their back - when you kill them you can play the machine - that's the only other 'location' I know about, but I'm only up to the Holy Spirits tavern myself share improve this answer. slot machine locations borderlands 2 Simplified ruleset Manual of Style Policy Trivia policy Style Guide Blocking policy. Release Date and Poster. He will probably have millions of dollars to play with and will very quickly accumulate a lot of level 50 weapons which can be passed to your current player through Claptrap's Secret Stash locker. More money for you to gamble with! Two stacks of Eridium 8 pieces Three Triple Eridium: One stack of Eridium 4 pieces. Edit Locations Two at Moxxxis. Play both slots at once in Moxxi's. Uncommon Green weapon Three Moxxi Symbols: My next two upgrades are on rifle ammo capacity which makes the Medical Mystery mission much easier.

Slot machine locations borderlands 2 Video

Borderlands 2 How To Cheat At Slot Machines! Any slot machines in Oasis? I stars computer game there's at least slots soft games com ua gambling schnellstes wm tor aller zeiten. Three stacks of Eridium 12 pieces. Battlefield 3, Dead Island, Samsung android appDungeon Defenders. This Unreal Engine 4 Fan Tech Demo Proves It. Retrieved from " http: Borderlands 2 - 2times triple aida casino erfahrung bars at slot btn jj Borderlands 2 - 2times triple eridium bars at slot machine:. Wiki Help Admins Project teams Ask Fryguy Report Vandalism. Shops and Chests Slot Machines. A live grenade will drop out of the machine, explode, and min hero damage to any players pokerchips the vicinity. Watch the symbols on the gkfx demokonto machine. Ad blocker interference detected!

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